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Niko isn't as heavily muscled as Luis or Johnny and he's more slender than both of them. Still, Niko has enough physical strength to hold his own in a fistfight and he's capable of pulling himself up on a ledge after hanging by his straight arms.

Niko Bellic

He is also strong enough to twist Brucie's arm with ease. Niko has a scar running through his left brow. He most likely got the scar during the war, however, this has not been confirmed. Niko's body is of 'average' build, but characters like Bernie Crane mention that "Niko is still in great shape. People consider him to be "above average" build despite his slender appearance. During early development, Niko had longer hair, longer bristles and brighter eyes. In artworks and earlier screenshots, Niko had often been seen wearing finger-less gloves.

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The files still remain in the PC version and can only be used with an in-game trainer. Obtaining them in the game without modding is impossible. The reason why they have been removed from the final version of the game is unknown, but it is likely due to the fact that they are not very inconspicuous.

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Niko is very protective of his family and loved ones, particularly his cousin Roman, whom Niko constantly has to worry about due to his gambling habit. Roman has an indiscrete nature of frequently getting the pair into trouble. He is withdrawn among strangers, but has good manners, and shows a softer side with love interests like Kate McReary and Michelle.

That said, the horrors of war, both witnessed and perpetrated by Niko, have given him a great sense of guilt, and an ambivalence about the value of human life — he warns away pursuers and expresses regret over his past violence, but also feels that killing is all that he can do, readily taking on jobs which necessarily involve murder.

Niko Bellic

Niko is prone to violence after being angered and he has an explosive temper when he is betrayed, manipulated, or his loyalty is questioned, but he is also quick to help the defenseless and unfortunate, even those he merely meets in passing ; he apparently possesses a sense of idealism which was wounded by his wartime experiences. Unfortunately, such a split attitude leads to hypocrisy — Niko, for example, appears to genuinely sympathize with the McRearys ' grief over the demise of one of their brothers either Derrick McReary or Francis McReary , despite having secretly committed that murder himself.

This makes it highly possible that Niko is a pessimist. Niko's bitterness at the murder of his friends during the war has consumed him, and he is unable to let it go, taking on several highly dangerous jobs merely to enable his quest for vengeance. Several of his friends, most notably Roman, urge him to find a new reason to live, and there are many morality choices for Niko to emphasize his trait.

Niko's business-like manner usually leads him to behave more maturely and cautiously than his acquaintances, although with acquaintances like Brucie Kibbutz, Bernie Crane and Roman, this is no surprise. He has an apparent distaste for illegal drugs, much like Carl Johnson and Victor Vance. He frequently turns down Little Jacob's offers for marijuana and warns Packie about his cocaine habit. He also finds it distasteful to traffic in cocaine and particularly heroin, although this may be due to the heavy jail sentences they attract as much as any moral qualms.

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He is skeptical of American mainstream culture, which he sees as "shallow" and "hypocritical" and has trouble relating to Roman's fascination with the country. However, he reasons that being in America is far better than back in Serbia due to the country's instability and misery. Niko also exhibits dislike for American conservative politicians, whom he considers to be hypocrites.

An example is Bryce Dawkins , whom Niko says is a "bullshitter" for giving homophobic speeches and preaching about family values to gain political power when he himself is bisexual. However, a conversation between Niko and Kiki Jenkins reveals he considers himself neither liberal nor conservative, and that the war gave him a highly cynical view of politicians in general.

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  7. Niko has a certain degree of empathy for other people, even random strangers, and feels obliged to help others who cannot help themselves. Most missions involve Niko doing jobs for money, particularly one occasion. After meeting a troubled young girl, Marnie Allen , he even gives her some of his own money multiple times to help her out. He is also surprisingly calm when speaking to authority figures, even those as powerful as Francis McReary, who he simply asks for more money from, much to the disappointment and frustration of McReary.

    He is usually never emotionally disturbed by anyone besides Darko Brevic.

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    He expresses disgust at Brevic's drug addiction, and how he betrayed his army unit in exchange for drug money. If Niko kills Brevic, Niko will hesitate for a moment before unloading 12 shots one for every member of Niko's army unit who was killed into Brevic's body uncontrollably, even after Brevic's death after about the sixth shot.

    The only other figure that has visibly disturbed Niko is Eddie Low , who Niko is understandably creeped out by. During his encounters with Low, Niko's eyebrows are raised and his mouth is open in disbelief.

    Niko Bellic

    Otherwise, Niko's face is usually very serious. Niko almost always refuses alcohol when it is offered to him he asks for water in the mission Ivan The Not So Terrible except for the mission The Holland Play where Playboy X pours him a glass. Niko goes to drink it, but changes his mind and puts the glass on a table. There is a scene where Niko does drink a glass of vodka on the rocks in the mission One Last Thing , while talking to Jimmy Pegorino, but this is understandable considering what he had just been through. Niko does seem to enjoy a drink, but knows the time and place for it.

    He refuses alcohol outright in instances where he needs to keep a sharp mind, such as during missions. Without the player's control, Niko will never hit female pedestrians. For example, when Niko carjacks someone, the animation can sometimes see him punch or kick the occupant of the car, but he only does this to male drivers. If the driver is female, Niko will just pull her out of the car and not harm her.

    The first name "Niko" is distinctively of Croatian origin rather than Serbian, the latter one preferring the name "Nikola". In the mission Final Interview, Tom Goldberg refers to Niko as "Nikolai", although this is an assumption on his part — he begins their interview by saying, "Hello, Niko! What's that short for? Niko's voice actor, Michael Hollick, is American, and the accent he assumes for Niko is not a Serbian one; Niko's spoken Serbo-Croatian is frequently mispronounced or wrongly emphasised.

    Niko was voted 13th in the edition of the Guinness World Records for the Top 50 favorite game characters. Diggler D. Fine d. Forma D. Glaser D.

    Electric Chris D. Girl D. MacIntyre D. Fulltono D. Kowalski D. Lawrence D. Lobo D. Low D. Lynnwood D. Tree D. Mart D. NOTE D. Kash D. Peace D. Phased D. Soul D. Takerz D. B Dan.

    The History of Rome, Volume 5

    Jones Dennis P. Dee DJ D. LO Dj D. Jack DJ Mr. Lucky DJ Mr. Morris DJ Mr. Bayu dj. Alfred DR.

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    Chimpanzee DR. Disko Dust Dr. Faustus Dr. Feelgroove Dr. Hyde Dr.