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Maybe because there are too many ways french numbers can be written? I've seen slashes, dots, hyphens, spaces, even colons used. It's very likely to be a scam. You know the numbers of your mairie and the online shopping?

Special number providers must use one of three ways to make the cost clear.

For your mairie, the first numbers will be 01, 02, 03, 04, or 05 depending where you live , or, less likely, 06 if it's a cellphone. No I don't know the number of my mairie, it seems to be different every time.

It could also be from my bank etc. Online shopping could be any number, the delivery guy is always different. Most of the spam numbers I've seen have started with 01, so that doesn't help. Googling comes up with the same "is this a spam number?

Cheap calls to France

Alost every phonecalls with 01 or 08 are Scam Cake Day. The expression Whitepages is almost as old as the phone, invented by Alexander Graham Bell in National Whitepages exist in almost every country. For other countries you can also use the Phone Book of the World.

Living in France: How to get a French Phone Number

You receive an e-mail from an unknown person? You want to find someone in your contact list that you no longer have the name?

Hotel de Matignon 57 rue de Varenne Paris France. Pariser Platz 5 Berlin Germany. Voicemails Personalized voicemails.

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Call recording You will be able to record all your international phone number incoming and outgoing calls. Caller ID Identify where the call is coming from before you answer the phone. Want more features? Receive incoming calls from your WebRTC lines anywhere you are.

How to Dial from Within France

Use anywhere No matter where you are: Finland, Romania, Italy or any other country. Make outgoing calls showing your France phone number. Make calls showing your France phone number Your clients will view your virtual number with a French caller ID each time you call. User-friendly Call using your French number from any computer, cellphone or tablet.

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Make calls with the best prices Your virtual phone number will include an outgoing calls package for both local landlines and cell phones. Why should you get a phone number from France?

Emergency numbers

There are more than 65 million clients awaiting you There are more than 65 million consumers on the French market, which is also characterised by strong purchasing power. France: An extraordinary area for business in Europe Thanks to its central location in Western Europe and a well developed transport infrastructure, France is a lucrative place for establishing European business relations. France has a mature and well-structured market with a high growth potential. More about France.