Alan keyes on obama birth certificate

I know Hillary well. Drake said the first person to call him after his election as second vice president of the SBC was Keyes, who knew him because Drake had appeared as a guest on his television show. I like what you and the Baptists are doing to try to bring America back to the word of God, and I want to be a part of that.

Alan Keyes Files Lawsuit Over Obama Eligibility

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Carter dismissed the suit in October for a host of reasons, but Taitz has appealed. Ausprung says she spent a few hours drafting motions and doing research, and she did have to make three short trips to Georgia from Arlington, Virginia. She prevailed in both cases.

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Or consider a case filed by one of the most prolific birther litigants, Philip J. Berg, that went all the way up to the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals.

SPRING 2008: The

In November the court dismissed the appeal and ordered Berg to pay the legal costs for the defendants, which included the Federal Election Commission. In fact, the plaintiffs may be spending far more time and money on these cases than Obama or the government is, in part because of their failure to abide by basic court procedures.

Taitz has refused to pay the fine. In one case, Taitz allegedly encouraged supporters to contact the judge by phone and mail to lobby for her cause—a glaring ethics violation that he chose to ignore.

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Another of her cases only went forward because the federal judge basically begged the defendants to let Taitz serve them—the first step in any lawsuit, but one that Taitz had neglected to take for about seven months.