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Trial of intrathecal rituximab in progressive multiple sclerosis patients with evidence of leptomeningeal contrast enhancement. Effect of disease-modifying therapies on subcortical gray matter atrophy in multiple sclerosis.

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Temporal and geospatial trends of adolescent intentional overdoses with suspected suicidal intent reported to a state poison control center. Indiana has the highest rate of adolescent suicidal ideation in the US. Age, sex, outcome, involved substances and case volume by weekday and month were assessed Preparing nurses to recognize the signs and symptoms of a deteriorating patient and to provide appropriate initial interventions is essential. Hospital-based in situ simulation education is an effective evidence-based method that supports adult learning in a safe environment.

The purpose of this article is to discuss the development, implementation, and evaluation of an in situ simulation program and the positive impact on nurses' confidence level in the recognition and initiation of interventions for a deteriorating patient The upload interval was 8. Body mass index, but not vitamin D status, is associated with brain volume change in MS.

Participants had clinical evaluations, brain MRI, and blood draws annually Multiple sclerosis relapse: Qualitative findings from clinician and patient interviews. These missed relapses have broad implications for the conduct of clinical trials as well as for the care and prognosis of people with multiple sclerosis MS. With the ultimate goal of developing new methods to identify relapse, the purpose of this qualitative research with patients and clinicians was to examine the definition, symptoms, and impact of relapse.

For those with diabetes, these injuries are further complicated by alterations to the extracellular matrix of the tendon, poor circulation, and delayed wound healing; consequently, complications and re-rupture rates for patients with diabetes are reported higher than the typical patient population. Brain and retinal atrophy in African-Americans versus Caucasian-Americans with multiple sclerosis: a longitudinal study. On average, African Americans with multiple sclerosis demonstrate higher inflammatory disease activity, faster disability accumulation, greater visual dysfunction, more pronounced brain tissue damage and higher lesion volume loads compared to Caucasian Americans with multiple sclerosis.

Neurodegeneration is an important component of multiple sclerosis, which in part accounts for the clinical heterogeneity of the disease. Brain atrophy appears to be widespread, although it is becoming increasingly recognized that regional substructure atrophy may be of greater clinical relevance Diagnosis of multiple sclerosis: revisions of the McDonald criteria. The McDonald criteria for the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis are widely used in research and clinical practice.

Scientific advances in the past 7 years suggest that they might no longer provide the most up-to-date guidance for clinicians and researchers.

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The McDonald criteria continue to apply primarily to patients experiencing a typical clinically isolated syndrome, define what is needed to fulfil dissemination in time and space of lesions in the CNS, and stress the need for no better explanation for the presentation The upload interval was 9. The regional distribution of white matter WM abnormalities in schizophrenia remains poorly understood, and reported disease effects on the brain vary widely between studies.

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In an effort to identify commonalities across studies, we perform what we believe is the first ever large-scale coordinated study of WM microstructural differences in schizophrenia. He went over all the options and helped us choose the service that best fit our needs.

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