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Find out which authorities maintain Rhode Island public records — if you want to perform a Rhode Island state prison inmate search, you need to find out in which county the arrest was made. Then, you need to find out which authorities in the said country maintain inmate public records.

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In most cases, it will be police departments or the court in which the trial was held. Once you have the contact information of the proper authority, you can contact it and request for copies of public records, or request information about the inmate's current location.


Pay for the search — you will need to pay search fees or pay for copies of the public records you requested. Fees vary from one authority to the other, so you will need to know what paperwork to fill out to perform a RI inmate search.

Wait to get the search results — standard waiting times for inmate searches or public records searches are several days to several weeks. The waiting period can change based on the location of the inmate you are searching, and the search method you are using. You will be able to contact the local sheriff's office to find out where your Rhode Island state prison inmate search request stands.

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These individuals are innocent until proven guilty. The Federal Bureau of Prisons houses persons convicted of violating Federal laws and some who are alleged violators and are awaiting trial. Almost every state has a database online for searching inmate and offender information.

Only Maine and South Dakota do not provide this information line. In both of these cases you can contact the agency directly to obtain information. Most states host their own databases on their sites.